Hello, World

Hello, World!

Since Indonesian Batik exporting business has being the aim of our movement, we’ve been searching for international trading exhibitions that is held in Indonesia. We absolutely realize that before starting to join the international exhibitions on abroad, the experience of being local exhibitor is a crucial preparation for the exporter candidates. Because being the exhibitors are not the same with the ordinary sellers. There are so many materials we must to provide in order to bring our best on the showcase.

The first international exhibition that was held in Indonesia we joined was Trade Expo Indonesia 2014.  The 29th Trade Expo Indonesia 2014 was set to open on 08 – 12 October 2014. Following its previous shows, Trade Expo Indonesia 2014 showcased best Indonesian export products ranging from industrial, mining, agricultural to Craft sectors. The fact that thousands of buyers from many countries come to visit Resources (Tradexpo) Indonesia every years demonstrates a high commitment of our trading partners around the world; and also a solid prove that Indonesia is one of the potential and reliable suppliers of qualified and competitive consumer products.

We were so excited to be the exhibitors in this event, because there were so many buyers from the rest of the world. It made us received the feedback we need to read the international market more precisely. We also realized that there were some misunderstanding on us about the African market. The buyers from Togo, West Africa were buying most of stuffs we prepared for the European buyers. The European buyers, especially the Scandinavian were so interested to our products. But we have some trouble in clothing sizes those were not fit on them. Because they usually very tall and big.

There were also many of Indian buyers interested in our products, especially our Batik fabric products. They loved the colours and the motifs. After all, we felt more confidence about to bring our products to the rest of the world. We believe about the quality, the beauty, and the authenticity of our products. By learned from some of mistakes we’ve done before and great responses from the buyers, we will make sure that our products can be success on the international market trade. By then, we would like to say: Hello, World!