batiksalaam15345167f72176.jpg The Authenticity of Batik Indonesia

Salaam” is taken from the Arabic word meaning “prosperous” and  also used instead of “Hello” in daily conversation. Then this is a form of prayer and hope that Batik Salaam will bring prosperity to all people who use our products. We also want to introduce Indonesian authentic Batik to the rest of the world, then “Salaam” also means Indonesian Batik says “Hbatiksalaam1153451684a3876.jpgello” to the world. That’s why our tagline is “The Authenticity of Indonesian Batik.

Batik Salaam is created in 2014 as the beginning of our exporting project. It is established by PT. Annur Salaam (now PT. Annur Salaam Aziz), a goods and services procurement company that was founded in 2011. Batik Salaam concentrates on the production and marketing of Indonesian Batik to foreign countries. It doesn’t mean we don’t sell our product domestically, but we more emphasis on export sales to various countries around the world. Because the demands for Indonesian Batik from various parts of the country such as Malaysia, Japan, United States, France, Italy, Netherlands, to the countries on the African continent, in fact are very high. Especially because Nelson Mandela, the former of South Africa President and the role model of the rest African communities, used to love to wear Batik of Indonesia. Then the African people don’t feel hesitate to wear the clothes with Batik patterns.


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